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Industrial equipment

m3profile – extrusion on top

industrial equipment

The diversity of our production possibilities is rounded off by the "industrial applications" sector.

Technical profiles made of PP. PS. PA66 GF25. POM. PSU. PC-ABS-Blend materials are used here.

As a reliable series supplier and creative development partner, the requirements of the future product can be optimized as soon as the geometry is created.

Optimum cost-benefit ratio and highest precision - you always benefit from our experience and our commitment to high-end production. We take the freedom to optimize basic ideas with regard to best output.


Cover profile

  • PVC hard, high gloss
  • Metallic effects, e.g. bronze
  • Profile width approx. 20mm


  • PP with KTW approval
  • Flanging and embossing off-line thermoformed
  • Pipe diameter approx. 20mm


  • Various dimensions (max. pipe diameter currently 120mm; wall thickness up to 5mm)
  • Depending on application UV-protected, metallic effects, high gloss

Snap-on profile

  • PVC-hard, high gloss
  • Different colours, also metallic effects, e.g. bronze
  • Profile width approx. 15mm; s= 0,9mm

Cable conduit

  • PVC-hard
  • Co-extruded, soft sealing lips
  • Profile width approx. 35mm

Cable conduit

  • HIPS
  • Double-sided adhesive tape applied in-line
  • Profile width approx. 15mm

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m3profile – extrusion on top